Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Hermione's Spring Collection

Am I allowed a blatant Mummy Boast Post?

Hermione has launched her online Spring Collection and I think it's lovely - but then I would :-)

Above are just some of her new lines. If you get a chance please pop along and have a look. Remember everything is just £1 and encouraging comments as well as custom are very much appreciated.
Thank you for indulging me *grin*.


  1. I love the spring collection. How wonderful that Hermione can make all these beautiful things.
    Best wishes :-)

  2. those are gorgeous!!!! I'm very envious!! Well done H :0)

  3. Cor blimey - clever ain't she? :) I love the little bunnies.

  4. I'm delighted with how she has mastered her sewing machine. I was a bit nervous when my mum announced she was buying her a real one for Christmas but she has really got the hang of it and just gets on and does it herself now.


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