Monday, 16 March 2009

How cool is this?

Can you see the pattern emerging from the ball of multicolour wool. It's like magic !! Im wondering how the sleeves will look and what will happen when I need to join a new ball. Also how it will match up when I sew up the sides to the front. Will the slightly stripey effect be out of line?


  1. ooh thats good, love it :0)

  2. I expect so,unless you are a rather lucky person, but I think it will only add to the charm. It's looking good so far.

  3. isn't it good :-) My word you knit fast V xx

  4. I think you may be lucky with the matching up. My mum has just finishing knitting a jumper exactly like this for my daughter and she is certainly not an expert knitter but it turned out really well, all lines matching except for one (strangely) on the shoulder. She thought it stood out like a sore thumb, but to us, we didn't even notice.

    Anyway, what you've done so far looks brilliant. Just wish I had your skill.

  5. That's excellent. It is like magic the way the pattern is appearing.


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