Wednesday, 25 March 2009

More knitting

I've not posted for a while I've been really busy knitting.

Sorry the first picture isn't that good, it's quite a dark green coloured wool.

The green jumper and the aran fleck jumper were for my son for his birthday and the cable jumper is for my step-dad to be for his birthday. I also knitted him a cream one as a present for my Mum, I had quite a tight deadline, so the computer has been neglected for knitting these past couple of weeks!

The only picture I have of the cream one is of him wearing it.
On another note, the children and I have joined our local churches Knit and Natter group, we went last Monday, it wasn't a resounding success, I'm hoping that they will get to know us better and accept us if we keep going. They weren't rude to us but some of them didn't speak to us at all, which is noticable when there's only 10 people sitting round a table!
Anyway, the children are knitting strips , 33 stitches on 4 mm needles and we can do squares of colours about 6 inches long until the strip is 48 inches long. They are then sewn by a lady who makes them into blankets. We're not sure where they're going yet or what else they do, it was hard enough getting that information out of them! I'll post pictures as they are completed.
Our library has closed down and a new one is being built with lots of extra rooms in it, it's going to take about a year to complete but I've been thinking of starting a Knit and Natter for home-ed children, I spoke today to another HE-er and she thought it was a good idea and said she would come. Can anyone see any pitfalls in that idea? Any comments very welcome as I do tend to look at things through rose coloured glasses sometimes!!


  1. Ilove the jumpers, very envious!!!

    pitfalls - only that you will have various children of various ages/stages.... ;0) Good luck, fwiw I think its a lovely idea.

  2. What a shame you weren't made more welcome - you'd think they would want to encourage the kids, a new generation of knitters!
    The home ed knit & natter sounds great :0)
    Fantastic jumpers by the way x

  3. wow you really are good at knitting Bridget :-) your dad's jumper really suits him :-)
    groups of people are hard to get into aren't they? I'm sure they'll warm to you.
    Only thought about your knit and natter group is that some might not want to do the knitting when they realise how long it takes lol Naomi is always keen for the first few rows, just thinking out loud not meaning to pour cold water - how about Crafty Chatter group , then maybe people could bring whatever they're into . . . . we did that after school at one time there was model building, jigsaws, sewing, . . . people just used to bring their hobby.


Lovely to hear from you :)