Thursday, 12 March 2009

self patterning wool

this is my new project. Am using Sirdar Crofter DK Hound dog self patterning wool. Its lovely and soft. Its supposed to give a fairisle effect without the hard work. Not sure how long its going to take, but Im looking forward to getting it done. My local material shop has started stocking those big funky buttons so will have to go and have a browse there to chose something.


  1. That's lovey V , good luck with it xx

  2. I love that shape of jacket/cardigan. I am using a similar wool myself, but I only bought one ball, so am trying to make a pair of socks. It fascinates me where the colour changes come and makes knitting a bit more interesting. I think I should have bought 4 ply for socks though as these would fit a very large foot indeed.
    Look forward to you modelling the completed garment.

  3. I love the pattern V :0)


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