Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Here's my offering on Amanda's theme of SPRING.

(I know butterflies come a bit later, but up here waiting for spring is taking forever, let alone summer butterflies, so artistic licence employed)

I saw this type of kinetic card in a magazine, so here's my step by step:

My finished card

Start with a card base, mine is usually 15cm x 30cm, folded in half. Glue on a square of pretty paper slightly smaller all round.

Glue some co-ordinated paper onto thin card and cut out a ring about 10 cms in diam, about 1 cm wide, and a circle about 6 cm in diam.

Turn these over and attach double sided foam strips around the outer edge of the ring and in the centre of the circle. I get my sticky pads from the pound shop. Leave a space on the inner edge of the ring and outer edge of the circle.

Peel off the backing and place ring on card.

Stick 2 small sticky pads on a penny, one on top of the other, and place it pads up resting just inside the ring.

Peel off the backing and stick the circle in the centre, trapping the penny but allowing it to move freely.

Cut out 2 butterflies, or birds, or anything really, and attach them together with a sticky pad so that they look dimensional, I just put a thin strip of sticky pad down the body of the butterfly so that the top wings were free. Add a small circle of card on the back, which will cover the penny.

Peel the backing off the pads on the penny, press your creature firmly in place and move him gently around the ring. Here's another one I made, adding a stamped sentiment and some gems.

Or writing a message with a fineliner:

Which is revealed when he is moved along:

Or just write on the card somewhere:

Have a go - the children will think up great ideas for creatures/vehicles/sentiments, I'm sure.


  1. That was quick!!! I really love those Eleanor very clever :0)

  2. They're beautiful. Our cards are usually made with stickers and bits of card stuck on with tabs!! Oh to be artistic!!

  3. They are really lovely Eleanor, particularly like the snail :)

  4. love the butterfly one , Naomi will love this idea :-)

  5. Nice cards, I recognise the papers from the butterly one as I have them too! This might inspire me to use them although they are too pretty to cut!
    Freddie xx



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