Sunday, 1 March 2009

Springtime Crochet Bag

Well, here is my first attempt at crocheting anything more complicate than a scarf. It's not from a pattern, I made it up, as if you can't tell, lol! It's all double crochet, except for two rows of treble crochet at the edge of the flap, and the two flowers. You can just about see the little orange flower in the picture - it hasn't come out very well.

It's just two panels of double crochet, one longer than the other so it can fold over to make a flap, and a long strip of double crochet for the gusset/strap. I crocheted the seams together, another first for me, and found that worked really well, and was much more enjoyable than sewing. I hate sewing! ;) The big brown button is off an old cardigan, and there is just a crocheted chain that loops around it to fasten it. I didn't sew the chain to the flap, just knotted it through one of the crochet loops and tied it in a bow, as you can see.

The whole thing is a bit wonky, unfortunately. I think it's something to do with the different yarn used for the gusset and the panels. The panels are lovely smooth new yarn, and the gusset/strap is reclaimed jumper yarn that is quite course in comparison - anyway, something happened when I was crocheting all the seams together that meant the panels didn't quite fit how I thought they would - I had problems getting the corners to match up properly. I think if I'd used all the same kind of yarn it would have worked better, but anyway.


  1. Debs it's lovely :-)

  2. I love it. the colurs work well together :0)

  3. It is lovely:) I used to crochet but can't actually remember how. Must have a go again.

  4. It looks great Debs :-)
    I've just been looking through some crochet books and feeling very inspired!

  5. I love your bag, it's really cool. :-) What will you come up with next?


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