Monday, 23 March 2009


is it just me? Anyway I've noticed recently a lot of crafty type blogs where a challenge is set... I know we have the current crafty challenge/swop but I was wondering what if we have a theme each month it does'nt have to be a swop and its not obligatory, just thinking out loud again!!!


  1. Great idea Amanda. I liked Junes idea on wehateworkbooks where people left a comment if they were willing to send something they had made to someone else in return for her sending something to them. I didn't say anything cos I was too shy ( yes really stop laughing)but that way there was no pressure on anyone to participate.

  2. Hi Amanda. Yes I find challenges very motivational, so much so I have become a total slattern whilst I make all sorts of (possibly) pretty but completely useless things.
    I'm up for your suggestion, why don't you kick start the theme,or just tell us one you've seen and like the look of.
    (Ruth is Penny a boy did you decide?)

  3. Oh off to look Eleanor I haven't been on the hotmail for a while.

  4. I have emailed you but looks like a Penny:)


Lovely to hear from you :)