Wednesday, 18 March 2009

template changes

I came onto the blog and it had been changed to minima white - not sure how , I kept waiting for it to catch up with itself but it didn't so I had to install the template again. I managed to change it and keep the widgets in, which was a bit of a learning curve for me but it's ok now I think.
If you find anything missing in the sidebar or if you'd like to suggest any template colour or font changes or any changes at all just yell up :)
there's also plenty of room that isn't being used in the lower bars, any ideas for what to put in them just feel free let me know or even better pop it in there yourself.
If anyone prefers minima i might be persuaded lol , goodness knows how that happened, the template isn't just a cutest blog widget one , it's a css template, which means we can add more sidebars and stuff if we decide we want them.
thanks xx

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