Thursday, 23 April 2009

New Template

hiya I've just taken the easter theme off , thought I'd better - easter eggs have done my waistline no favours.
Feel free to add any background overlays you like if you know of one you like better than this, I have no intention to have the monopoly of it and a change is as good as a rest :-) so change this with any 'add a gadget' overlay templates you like. We need to use 3 column width themes because I've widened the over all template structure so we can post bigger photos .


Wednesday, 22 April 2009

a wealth of goodies

just a quicky
great place to find more crafty stuff , just pop here and in their search just put which ever craft you want to find stuff about in their search box and you'll find loads and loads of books, patterns and goodies :-)

Sunday, 19 April 2009


I have posted for advice on a forum that I belong to, but as this is a craft blog I thought I would ask for advice here too.
I have taught my daughter and my eldest three sons to crochet and knit. My elesdt son (8) is a really good knitter.
Recently we joined a Knit and Natter group and we've been knitting things for charity. This has given him a lot of motivation and he's been knitting every spare minute he has. I am very proud of him but one of my friends has a son six weeks older then mine and she said that her son said he wouldn't be seen dead knitting and if his father saw him knitting he wouldn't like it at all!
My DH is fine with the boys knitting and has said that we would let our daughter do things that may be considered more for a boy than a girl and I do agree with him.
I thought I was being quite forward thinking in not putting my children into stereotypical sexist groups. What does any one else think?

Friday, 17 April 2009

Some lovely craft ideas here ....

Came across this website which not only has some lovely craft ideas, but could also be handy for cleaning and DIY tips too.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Some recent knitting....

A little knitting chat...
Here are some rainbow socks i recently finished for E.

I had also planned to knit the girls some special socks for Easter. I finished R's socks in can just see them peaking out here:

But, E's socks are still a WIP, I'm afraid!

I had also hoped to knit the girls their own Easter bunnies. Again, I only had one ready in time!
Here is Hop, who belongs to E. Will cast on bunny no.2 for Miss R, when I have finished the Easter socks!

I knit Hop with the help of this pattern & this book.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Don't know if its particularly spring-like, but this is my latest knitting achievement. I got the pattern from this book. The girl is very happy with it, and has had a few compliments about it!
I know its not fantastic - but it feels like progress after all the scarves :-)

Spring crafty Challenge

*ahem* well since it was my idea I should contribute!! I made this today - Dd has a sleepover (arranged last minute) no time to buy something, no time to make anything more.... using scraps again.


Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Fantasy shed......

Hello inspirational ladies of cyberspace!!! I have'nt done crafting recently, several reasons, kids all seem to need a lot of input so not much time atm. The other issue is I have to keep my craft supplies out of the way of the younger 2 as they have and will 'trash' things ;0) so its a bit of an issue getting stuff out.... the answer is a place where I can keep everything how *I* want it and the littles ones can't get to it. After giving this some thought I've decided to use the pantry (which seems to get used as a place to store 'stuff'. So major clearout starts..... watch this space...
any ideas welcome :0)

Monday, 6 April 2009


Its taken ages but Ive finally finished the back of my jacket and made a start on the left front. Have caught a cough/cold bug and been sat at home feeling sorry for myself coughing and knitting - what a sight! As the front is narrower, the stripes are wider so am wondering if it might look a little odd when made up. The back was very long - 77cm and I got carried away and so it's a bit longer than that so it will definately come down to my thighs I think.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

template - for now easter

I've never broken one beyond repair before, I hadn't used that type of template before and I clicked 'save' just a second too quickly and deleted all our widgets lol got to laugh. . . . . eek so be patient with me I am rectifying the dark background thing and building us a new template , oops. Ruth I broke it a VERY lot worse than when you just changed to minima - sorry * sad puppy face .

core dear , humph , hate to give up lol

dawny xx