Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Don't know if its particularly spring-like, but this is my latest knitting achievement. I got the pattern from this book. The girl is very happy with it, and has had a few compliments about it!
I know its not fantastic - but it feels like progress after all the scarves :-)


  1. I love it :0) I want one!!!

  2. It's so cool.
    And so is the top she's wearing, love the fabric.
    I'm so nosy, I like to know what people are eating, whose were the cards, and does she know how enigmatic and mysterious she looks?

  3. she looks very well in it, she looks like it's just meant to be there. x

  4. Thanks for such lovely comments, its so nice here :-)
    It was fairly easy to make, Amanda, if you can get hold of a copy of the book.
    My enigmatic daughter was actually just mesmerised by some rubbish on the telly! She was eating a curry I had made, and the cards are our 'new home' cards, as we've just moved house.
    Her top is from a charity shop (like most of her clothes), she has her own unique sense of style, which is one of the many things I love about her :-)

  5. I like it. It looks like my sort of style.


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