Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Fantasy shed......

Hello inspirational ladies of cyberspace!!! I have'nt done crafting recently, several reasons, kids all seem to need a lot of input so not much time atm. The other issue is I have to keep my craft supplies out of the way of the younger 2 as they have and will 'trash' things ;0) so its a bit of an issue getting stuff out.... the answer is a place where I can keep everything how *I* want it and the littles ones can't get to it. After giving this some thought I've decided to use the pantry (which seems to get used as a place to store 'stuff'. So major clearout starts..... watch this space...
any ideas welcome :0)


  1. I put my current knitting or crochet in an overnight vanity bag thingy , it stands open when i'm using it and zips up after - my kids and Stef just know it's mine and leave it alone , plus it's easy to move around or take out with me.

  2. I've ground to a halt too on the crafting side. We seem to be so busy at the mo and by the evening I'm too zonked to start sewing.

    Had to laugh about your younger children. My daughter seems to get my sewing box in a complete mess and she's 12! She loves crafting too and started out with her own bits and bobs which soon got lost. Now I find needles missing, threads in a tangle, felt bundles in her room and a sewing box that's left in a general state of chaos! I've tried hiding it but she always seems to track it down!


Lovely to hear from you :)