Thursday, 23 April 2009

New Template

hiya I've just taken the easter theme off , thought I'd better - easter eggs have done my waistline no favours.
Feel free to add any background overlays you like if you know of one you like better than this, I have no intention to have the monopoly of it and a change is as good as a rest :-) so change this with any 'add a gadget' overlay templates you like. We need to use 3 column width themes because I've widened the over all template structure so we can post bigger photos .



  1. I am not touching it lol. It looks lovely.

  2. I love it D :0)

  3. I absolutely do not know how you do this. There is a world of talent that passed me by, and this is a big honkin' chunk of it.

  4. lol it's easy Karen, the nice scrappin blogs people made the template and all you have to do is add it as a gadget - click the button in the top left hand corner and have a look around , it is easy honest :)


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