Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Some recent knitting....

A little knitting chat...
Here are some rainbow socks i recently finished for E.

I had also planned to knit the girls some special socks for Easter. I finished R's socks in can just see them peaking out here:

But, E's socks are still a WIP, I'm afraid!

I had also hoped to knit the girls their own Easter bunnies. Again, I only had one ready in time!
Here is Hop, who belongs to E. Will cast on bunny no.2 for Miss R, when I have finished the Easter socks!

I knit Hop with the help of this pattern & this book.


  1. I love those. i would love to be able to knit socks :0)

  2. FABBY, just fantastic. I'm struggling with socks at the moment, will persevere now I've seen your rainbow ones.
    Love that pastels Easter wool - nothing like that round here.

  3. Wow Lynn you are clever :-) love them :-)

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments!
    Amanda & Eleanor, socks are quite easy, when you know how. I learned all the ins & outs from YouTube videos :)
    Let me know if ever you would like the links/any support!

  5. Lovely socks and gorgeous bunny:)


Lovely to hear from you :)