Tuesday, 30 June 2009

crafty stuff needs good home

I've been having a major sort out recently and have decided to donate some of my craft stuff to others who may be inspired to finish what I haven't been able to start. There are a few cross stitch kits, complete with threads, and some charts. There's probably more stuff but I've forgotten what I've put in what pile. If anyone's interested give me a shout. I can put some pictures up when I've worked out how.



  1. Oooh, I've just got into cross stitch! I've just finished my first two kits for my goddaughter and son, and would love to do some more if no one else has claimed them. I'm not on the team for this blog but keep meaning to ask to join, esp. as I've finished my first projects! :)

  2. Hope you are ok.

    Would love anything not cross stitch. My eyes aren't up to it anymore! lol

  3. I'll make an effort and go and sort it all out then. It may take a while as I've got a lot of sorting to do before I get to the craft stuff:-)


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