Friday, 31 July 2009

Fimo candle holder

I love this and just wanted to share :-)

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Watercolour kits

We officially 'go back' to home school next week, so my home has been buzzing with plans & preparations.
A huge part of our lives is Nature Study &, as such, watercolour & sketching. This book is hugely important to our study & creativity.
We are all furnished with new nature notebooks, the girls have new watercolours, & the pencils are all nicely sharpened. But how to store everything?
We have a nice big art cupboard, in which I keep all our paints, glues, collage materials etc; and last year & put each person's nature study watercolour & sketching supplies in their own backpacks, which hung at the ready from the dining room door handle, ready to grab when the need arose. The backpack thing didnt really work out. They were just too large for my little girls to realistically take out on nature walks. They were a handy way to keep everyones supplies at the ready should they spot something out in the garden, but on walks, I would always shove all their things in with my own.
So what to do this year?
This perfect inspiration was most timely.
Here is a picture of our kits:

It shows the little 'lunch' bags I picked up from Tesco; which are just the perfect size & £2 each. Waterproof inside & out, with a wee handle they are just the job. Inside go our pencil cases, paints, nature notebooks & small rectangles of watercolour paper - perfect for creating those mini-masterpieces. Not show are watercolour brushes, tiny water bottles & little cloths for wiping, dabbing & generally mopping up.
Roll on nature study...


Got the pattern for these out of Let's_Knit magazine. Very soft and cosy :0)

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A proud mummy Post!

Do you remember this picture?

Well, here is the result:

I am a very proud mummy!

E is now busy spinning a grogeous baby cake (batt) from Loop. These things are seriously beautiful! However, my daughter has caught the 'how thin can I spin' bug & has decided she needs to save up to buy a new, lighter spindle.
Thats my girl ;)

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Tea Cosy

I'm trying with this tea cosy thingy, but it's driving me mad!!

Arthriticky fingers that won't work are driving me nuts..  Plus, I have to make it difficult by wanting the knit and purl to be different colours.  Knit two one colour,  purl two the other colour.   Vertical stripes...if you see what I mean?

I showed Mother what I was attempting to make (total useless pile of rubbish so far) and she showed me HER way (it looks cool, but for the love of God, can I remember what she did!!)   but she has a 'made up her own'  knitting she's left handed.  I seem to remember as a kid that I sat opposite her while she knitted and copied.  But I still don't knit like 'normal' knitters.  I knit right to left and purl left to right.  I don't turn my work round for the purl bit.  No wonder I had more success with crocheting!  lol

I may be a while with this project.  Just in time for winter.  lol

vest top

Hello! This is my latest finished project - and my first attempt at intarsia. The pattern was the 'Mud Flap Girl Tank Top' one from Stitch'n_Bitch_Nation, but A didn't like the design so I adapted it to make the two hearts. She now wants a jumper with skull and cross bones on it - eeeek!