Sunday, 5 July 2009

Tea Cosy

I'm trying with this tea cosy thingy, but it's driving me mad!!

Arthriticky fingers that won't work are driving me nuts..  Plus, I have to make it difficult by wanting the knit and purl to be different colours.  Knit two one colour,  purl two the other colour.   Vertical stripes...if you see what I mean?

I showed Mother what I was attempting to make (total useless pile of rubbish so far) and she showed me HER way (it looks cool, but for the love of God, can I remember what she did!!)   but she has a 'made up her own'  knitting she's left handed.  I seem to remember as a kid that I sat opposite her while she knitted and copied.  But I still don't knit like 'normal' knitters.  I knit right to left and purl left to right.  I don't turn my work round for the purl bit.  No wonder I had more success with crocheting!  lol

I may be a while with this project.  Just in time for winter.  lol


  1. awww babes
    hey there are some good wrong way round clips of knitting on you tube :)
    would nice thick wooden needles help? amanda gave me some and they're luvverly !

  2. Aw. Thanks but I have some. I will soldier on. lol


Lovely to hear from you :)