Saturday, 29 August 2009


I couldn't resist posting about this . . . .a charity article on Lion Brand website, I think you might need to register (it's free) to be able to read it, a lovely lady has started a scheme crocheting soft plush hats for cancer victims to wear. A friend of hers had cancer and said how lovely it would be to have a soft hat at the end of the day to relax in. you can go and read it here
What a yummy soft lovely thing to do . . . I read about another charity the other day Bonnie babies who making prem baby clothes for baby units and families who need them. I really must push myself to do more than just be inspired!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Knit and Natter

Ok Min mentioned Knit and natter :-) I don't know what this is like but there's a Knit and Natter group every Thursday in August at 2:30pm at The Central Library in Derby and again every Thursday in September at 2:30pm.

On the website it says :
Knit and natter meets weekly. Bring your knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, tatting or whatever you are working on. Free tea and coffee is provided and a staff member is available to offer what help they can. There will be a wide selection of books available for library members to borrow.
The meeting is free and we even get a cuppa.

If anyone would like to come along with us please stick your name in the comments or just edit your name onto this post.
I will have to start going next week, not this week because my mum is taking the girls for a couple of nights so me and hubby have a thursday all to ourselves !! goodness haven't a clue what we'll do with it , maybe sleep lol

dawniy xx

Monday, 24 August 2009


I managed to crochet a perfect hexagon last night:o)  Yay!

Camera is playing up so I can't put piccie up, but you get the idea.

Only 195 to go for my hexy blanket!!!  lol

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Knit and Natter

I think that I've said before that we belong to our local church Knit and Natter. At first they were not very welcoming, although they seem to have accept us now. Some old friends of my parents both knit and told us about another knit and natter group at Corfe.

They do workshops for children during the holidays. Some of the ladies make these.

Can you guess what they're made of?

I've been knitting this for a friends little girls birthday

In Africa if the children don't have a uniform than they can't go to school, my Mums old friends, Joe and Peg are knitting jumpers for them. Unfortunately Joe is the only one knitting them because the other members don't like knitting with such dark wool, so I said I would knit a few for him.

I started No 4 last night, we've still got quite a few to make!

Monday, 3 August 2009

This year, we are having help with our maths....

Meet the maths gnomes

& King Equals

We are going to have some fun this year ;)

Cross Stitch

Hello everyone! My first post is my first cross stitch projects.

This one for my god-daughter...

This one for my son.

Clare :)