Monday, 3 August 2009

Cross Stitch

Hello everyone! My first post is my first cross stitch projects.

This one for my god-daughter...

This one for my son.

Clare :)


  1. Fabulous. The pirates are such a hoot, hasn't cross stitch come a long way? I do not underestimate the work you have put into these.

  2. Thank you. I really loved doing them actually. I'm kind of aware that it's not exactly my own creativity so much as being able to follow a pattern (I LOVE doing puzzles too, I think it's very similar) but I think at least I'm doing something with my hands! My next project will be a birth sampler I've attempted to put together myself... we'll see!

  3. Havent posted or commented for ages, but I love these cross stitch pictures, especially the pirates. I bet it was quite nice to stitch with all the things going on in the picture and the differnt colour threads. I have done a fair few over the years and havent done any for such a long time now. Maybe I shall get the bug again as the nights draw in. Mind you maybe I will get around to finishing my knitted cardi one day too. Tis had to do any craft at all with a 4 month old puppy 'reassembling' everything!

  4. Claire they're completely amazing!
    My eyesight just wouldn't let me do that , what patience you must have ! Beautiful x

  5. Wow amazing, I would so not have the patience.

  6. v. impressed - i woul not have the patience either!

  7. Very impressive. I don't have the knack for this sort of stuff. You must be very patient:o)


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