Saturday, 15 August 2009

Knit and Natter

I think that I've said before that we belong to our local church Knit and Natter. At first they were not very welcoming, although they seem to have accept us now. Some old friends of my parents both knit and told us about another knit and natter group at Corfe.

They do workshops for children during the holidays. Some of the ladies make these.

Can you guess what they're made of?

I've been knitting this for a friends little girls birthday

In Africa if the children don't have a uniform than they can't go to school, my Mums old friends, Joe and Peg are knitting jumpers for them. Unfortunately Joe is the only one knitting them because the other members don't like knitting with such dark wool, so I said I would knit a few for him.

I started No 4 last night, we've still got quite a few to make!


  1. wow you have been busy Bridget! x

  2. v. impressive!
    are the bags made from plastic bags?

  3. Well done Hippy Mama, the ladies cut plastic carrier bags into strips, a bit like peeling a potato in one long strip, and they knit with it. I thought they were amazing.

  4. Do I get a prize ;0) lol

  5. bet they'll biodegrade after a while then ! I put all my wool in carrier bags and one by one they've fallen apart lol

  6. I remember doing these years ago but a crochet version. They're cool, aren't they? Lol about the biodgredable bit, Dawny. Has happened to me. I was pulling some bags out from the top of the wardrobe and they just fell apart on my head, confetti-like! lol Love the stripey one. Me and colour:o)


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