Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Blind and Soap

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas. x

I never got to reupholster the armchair...it was beyond beyond!!

So, next project... I am attempting to make a kitchen roman blind. Can't afford to buy new material so am going to use a funkyquilt cover that I have....at least it'll have a lining:o).

I hate people looking in. The previous roller blind must have been fitted decades ago and gave up and dropped off soon after we moved in! lol We just have manky lace curtains up at the mo. Do you think a roman blind for the top bit and a cafe curtain for the bottom bit will be private enough? I hate lace curtains, but they do have their uses. I'm just trying to 'modernise us'. lol

Any ideas?

Project after the blind is soap making. Daughther bought some honey soap from Lush and a tiny bar was £3.00. Three quid!!!! So, we are going to attempt to make some of our own. Never made this one before, so fingers crossed.

We made some earrings for pressies and I didn't have time to take piccies (last minute wrapping up and all that) When the recipients visit, I'll take piccies and post up.

I have two craft converts. Great nephew and niece...both at university... want to learn to knit and crochet. Wool , instructions and tools been handed out for practice:o) Nephew wants a knitted hoodie! Yikes. Can't find a free pattern anywhere.


  1. hiya Min
    pattern here - you could leave out the cable

    I'm sure i ve seen a pattern for a stripey one somewhere

  2. I am completely rubbish at sewing so i couldn't give you any advice.
    Soap making sounds fun!
    Same here, one of my nieces wants me to show her how i do my boxes and cards.

  3. Hello Minnie
    I really want to make soap too, I caught a brief glimpse of some Kirsty Allsop made on TV (don't watch much tv but that is one series I wish I'd seen) I presume it showed the process in an earlier show. I wonder if there's anything on youtube? Where would you buy the ingredients? I'm going to be collecting baskets at boot sales during the year, to fill with hand made gifts next Christmas.
    I still haven't finished my knitted hoodie - it's sort of stripey as it's random dyed wool.

  4. Debs from the muddy bare feet blog has been looking into soap making with her new blog Clean Toes - http://cleantoeshandmadesoap.blogspot.com/

  5. Oh that's fab thanks Hannah.


Lovely to hear from you :)