Saturday, 5 December 2009

Christmas crafts - love 'em

Thanks for the little jog Minnie, it's been ages since I posted anything crafty on the blog. All went very quiet during the summer, but now we're all back indoors with the fires lit I guess the craft and sewing box reappears once again! I've opened a shop on Folksy selling some of my bits and bobs. Katie, my daughter, is helping out too - we're loving it!

These are my current favourites.

A jolly snowman with all the trimmings! I made him (or her) from an unwanted Aran woolly and have used twigs for the arms. A little heart, bag of sparkling stars, jingling bell and fresh mini bay leaves finish it off.
Snowman Dec 09

I've also made a few of these dolly-peg angels and used canvas for the wings threaded with silver thread. Being dolly-pegs they'll sit very nicely on the Christmas tree.
Angel Dec 09

Katie has made this adorable mini pony, called a Woollie, from pipecleaners and wool, which makes it poseable. She's put it up in the shop complete with a cloth wallet to keep it in along with a Fimo apple, stuffed haynet, bag of shavings, rug to keep it warm and passport! It's now been sold, although we are still waiting for payment - but she's going to make more.


  1. They're really good!

    Junior is now inspired to make some. We just have to make them cat-proof. lol She's making them some toys for Crimbo..and play fishing lines with catnip toys on the 'hook'. It's a great way of tiring them out...all that jumping up and about, trying to catch the bait:o)

  2. Cats do get in the way of crafting don't they Minnie! Our young Pepper, who's about 18 months old, always finds his way to my craft box when I'm trying to sew. He pounces on the thread or wool that I'm using! Elaine


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