Thursday, 3 December 2009



It's been a little quiet here of late. What have you all been up to?

We are making Chrissie pressies, so can't post piccies up.....just in case! Shhhhhhh Maybe I could set up another blog for viewing and any constructive criticisms?

But....right now....I need to upholster an armchair. which is COMPLETELY knackered in the upholstery department of things. I was thinking of maybe doing the charity shop thing and buying odd duvet bits and making a patchwork cover. Anybody got any advice on making a template?

Sorry for any typos.#

Am feeling OLD. Eyesight shot!! lol

The wristwarmers were a hit:o)


  1. The only way I've ever read (not that I've ever done it mind) is to carefully remove each existing piece of fabric, and pin a label on it - heck, write on it with a big marker, it's for the bin anyway- saying which piece it is (inside left wing etc) and use these as a pattern,or to make a pattern.
    I think this is a reasonable tut (can't put link)
    on, search for DIY armchair reupholstery.

    I have bought material in a sale for redoing our dining chairs, with new foam pads, now I need a decent staple gun - bought a value one from B&Q, which doesn't staple tissue paper let alone pvc backed cotton to wood,lol.

  2. Im still knitting the cardi that I started ages ago. Ive now down the fronts, back and both sleeves, just got the front two bands to do. Whilst proudly showing my efforts to my Mum I discovered the fronts are actually about 2" longer than the back, have made a silly measuring blunder so now have to unpick and rectify........blast!!!

  3. Thanks E

    I did have a cover but I chucked it out, after years of kids and animals, it became a bit threadbare and I never thought to keep it as a template. doh

    Thanks for the link.

    You'd have thought that a B & Q stapler would do the job!!

    V....good luck with the unpicking. Rather you than me!

    My mum can unpick from the cast on end rather than the just knitted end. Saves her loads of time, obviously. I haven't got the patience for it, though.


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