Tuesday, 29 December 2009

oh heck

daft as ever I was removing myself from the crafty blog - not because i'm leaving but because I'm changing my Id to Tizz me , with a different email addy ............. purely because I don't want the real world giving me grief , and in doing so i clicked on remove and removed the wrong person , either the person above or below me on the authors list ............ so if it's you can you check you're still on the blog authors , and if the blog is missing from your profile/dashboard then it's my fault and i'd like to add you back ........... christmas and colds is my excuse .
so whoever I've removed please give me a yell ........... sorry in advance
dawny xxx


  1. And i was wondering who was "Tizz me" lol
    Oh you are lucky i am still on the list then!
    I hope your coldget better soon.
    Take care xx

  2. huh look at me, i can't even type properly!
    I am sure you spotted my mistake in my first message :) Must have been the wine for me!
    Hugs xx

  3. My posts and comments have gone to pot!! lol

    Hello Tiz Me:o) We will have to meet up again..soon.

    Daughter is in her bedroom, copying map of UK. Has now taken in glue sticks. Mind boggles!!

  4. lol too much Christmas spirit Pat :-)

    yes Minnie would love to , been talking about meeting up with Pat too...... could we do a craft and chatter session ?

    d xx


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