Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Calling any dpns experts??

Hello all!

I've been driving myself mad trying to knit a hat my daughter wants - it starts off with 6 stitches on a set of dpns, in the first round you knit and increase every stitch, so ending up with 12 stitches. I tried about 8 times before throwing the whole lot across the room in frustration!! Admittedly I haven't used dpns before, so am maybe starting off on something too complicated, but the pattern says its simple!!!

Now, I know how to knit and increase, but am finding the four needles just too fiddly and confusing - I end up with a mess and lose track of which stitches I'm working on. If anyone out there can offer advice or useful links I would be eternally grateful :-)

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christmas Cards

I wanted to share with you the Christmas cards the girls made last week. Our December is always split as such:

Week One: Make Christmas cards
Week Two: Make Christmas gifts
Week Three: Christmas Baking
Week Four: Catch up!

I have been really enjoying Christmas in the Family

It is a wonderful resource for baking, crafts, songs & rhymes. Our Christmas cards have been made with the wonderful instructions in this book.

Elianna (just turned 8 years) has made two angel cards:

Rosie (5 years old) Has made a snowflake & Christmas tree:

Here is Rosie's inscription to her daddy : )

As you can see, my girls are quite young & (with help) they managed these simple cards & really enjoyed making them. Rosie was so proud of herself : )

Friday, 5 November 2010


Being a bit thick here - I've (finally) set up our Folksy shop: Angelpants, but cant work out how to add it to the sidebar here for 'crafty shops'. Can anyone advise me please?

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Manny & Bob

We've been doing a bit of sewing for a change, decided to design and make some little monsters (possibly to put in our Folksy shop that will be opening soon!) These are the first two - Manny is my daughter's and Bob is mine :o)

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

My daughter's blog

This is Sarah's blog. She is starting again and wants to make more cards. She asked me to tell everyone where to find her, she'd love to have some visitors and more comments.
So if anyone has time, please go an see her, it will make her very happy.
Thank you!

Sunday, 23 May 2010


If there's anyone out there like me, who has yet to graduate from using packs and kits, you might like this site. You might remember it from 20-odd years ago!

I had one of their dolls - Polly - when I was little and she now belongs to my 2 year old.

I bought one for my son that is nearly finished - still have to make most of the clothes.

I'm quite chuffed, considering I haven't sewn on more than a button before! Loads of mistakes - looks very "homemade" (check the legs!) but I'll get better :)

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Purple Poncho

Finished - and I've only been working on this for about a year!!

So I tried it on and thought "Mmm, looks quite nice...", and - as usual - my daughter tried it on and looked fabulous. Suits her so much better than me, grrrrr.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Little bunny faces

Thought I'd share these little white bunny face brooches that I made last week for my two nephews to parcel up with their yummy Easter eggs. I'm really into making brooches at the mo and have lots of ideas floating around in my head.

Ellie's Treasures

Monday, 1 March 2010

Dyeing with Gorse

Hello all!
in between fighting various illnesses, Rosie & I dyed up some sock yarn with Gorse

Here it is in the pan:

& here it is all dyed up:

I am so pleased with the pretty shade! I am planning to knit up Child's Lovely Lace Socks for my girls for Easter.

For more on natural dyeing, look here & here.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Charity Knitting

We've been doing lots of charity knitting for children in Africa, Fishermens Mission and Young Mums charities. We took a picture of what we've done so far.

Last year we knitted brown/yellow school jumpers for a school in Africa, this year we are knitting red/black ones for another school.

Here's one that I've started

Eden has been knitting little booties and waistcoats and Callum and Clark are still knitting strips for our local churches Knit and Natter.

It's quite comical we all sit round watching Eastenders knitting away!

Sunday, 21 February 2010


I had a go at making a frugal handbag. It's made from an upholstery material sample I got off Freecycle, believe it or not and the lining is some blind material that I bought from Ikea years ago in a sale and never used. Am trying to recycle stuff and this is just a prototype. I actually made it a few months ago...in the days when I thought I could just 'rustle up' something for my craft business, but rickety joints have put a damper on things.
Junior was after a new bag and so we made this a la joint effort:o) It was sewn on our manual Singer...she did all the hard labour , as in turning handle and I just steered material. lol It's just a flap over top, no button or clasp. I might make it a bit more secure by putting some velcro on.
Next time we want to make a book bag with zip at top, lined again. And a matching wallet/purse and a pad folio:o) Pad folios sell for about £15 - 20 on the internet!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Skull & cross bones jumper

I've been working on this for what seems like years, but here it is, finally finished - ta da!!

Inspired by Abby from NCIS (who my daughter adores), I used a plain childrens roll neck jumper pattern and put in my own skull design, also made the sleeves stripey, bigger and longer with thumb holes.

The girl loves it, and has gone off to a party in it today :0)

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Bag from an Aran jumper

Happy New Year to everyone! Hope the very chilly weather is keeping everyone inside, tucked up near some heat and crafting!

I thought I'd show you the bag that I made for my sister. I had some scrap Aran jumper sections left after making a few snowmen and thought they'd be nice to use. Took me a few TV watching nights to complete but I was really happy with it once it was finished. Filled it with a butterfly charm bracelet which I bought from Folksy, a photo of the children and a necklace that I made using buttons and wire (but forgot to take a photo).

Aran bag, Ellie's Treasures 2009

As it happened, my sister did the same for me! She made a lovely Christmas drawstring bag and filled it with lots and lots of lovely crafts bits and bobs for me.

Sis's present to me - lots of crafts.