Thursday, 7 January 2010

Bag from an Aran jumper

Happy New Year to everyone! Hope the very chilly weather is keeping everyone inside, tucked up near some heat and crafting!

I thought I'd show you the bag that I made for my sister. I had some scrap Aran jumper sections left after making a few snowmen and thought they'd be nice to use. Took me a few TV watching nights to complete but I was really happy with it once it was finished. Filled it with a butterfly charm bracelet which I bought from Folksy, a photo of the children and a necklace that I made using buttons and wire (but forgot to take a photo).

Aran bag, Ellie's Treasures 2009

As it happened, my sister did the same for me! She made a lovely Christmas drawstring bag and filled it with lots and lots of lovely crafts bits and bobs for me.

Sis's present to me - lots of crafts.