Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Charity Knitting

We've been doing lots of charity knitting for children in Africa, Fishermens Mission and Young Mums charities. We took a picture of what we've done so far.

Last year we knitted brown/yellow school jumpers for a school in Africa, this year we are knitting red/black ones for another school.

Here's one that I've started

Eden has been knitting little booties and waistcoats and Callum and Clark are still knitting strips for our local churches Knit and Natter.

It's quite comical we all sit round watching Eastenders knitting away!

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  1. That's cool. I can't knit booties.

    I, apparently, taught my 23 year old son how to knit when he was a youngster! I sort of remember, but he had to 'jog' my memory on this. My 22 year old great nephew is learning how to knit, too. He wants me to teach him how to crochet. Kaffe Fasset was taught how to knit during a train journey, by a fellow lady passenger. Read it in one of his books.


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