Sunday, 21 February 2010


I had a go at making a frugal handbag. It's made from an upholstery material sample I got off Freecycle, believe it or not and the lining is some blind material that I bought from Ikea years ago in a sale and never used. Am trying to recycle stuff and this is just a prototype. I actually made it a few months the days when I thought I could just 'rustle up' something for my craft business, but rickety joints have put a damper on things.
Junior was after a new bag and so we made this a la joint effort:o) It was sewn on our manual Singer...she did all the hard labour , as in turning handle and I just steered material. lol It's just a flap over top, no button or clasp. I might make it a bit more secure by putting some velcro on.
Next time we want to make a book bag with zip at top, lined again. And a matching wallet/purse and a pad folio:o) Pad folios sell for about £15 - 20 on the internet!


  1. I love your bag - the flower is lush! Can't imagine using the manual singer - hard work :-)

  2. Lovely bag, I used to love my manual singer had a bit more control, but did update eventually.

  3. Wow it's gorgeous! Great design.
    I wish i could sew..
    Hugs xx

  4. What a fab make. Love that red!

  5. Thank you for the lovely comments. Once rickety joints are sorted I'll make you all one. Then, when I make my fortune, you'll all own originals! lol xx

  6. Thanks for visiting! Love the bag, it's really fantastic... oh if there were only more hours in a day!


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