Friday, 12 February 2010

Skull & cross bones jumper

I've been working on this for what seems like years, but here it is, finally finished - ta da!!

Inspired by Abby from NCIS (who my daughter adores), I used a plain childrens roll neck jumper pattern and put in my own skull design, also made the sleeves stripey, bigger and longer with thumb holes.

The girl loves it, and has gone off to a party in it today :0)


  1. Great jumper, I would wear it, but I think without the finger holes!! Kx

  2. Oh how fabby, I would wear it too, ok, so maybe not the skull, a nice bird instead, lol, but the rolly neck and hem I love.

  3. wow I like that K :-) I have a devils job getting my kids interested in any of my knitting - but mine never looks that good lol xx
    dawny xx

  4. Wow, well done K! You did so well.
    Just as I was working my way up to a jumper, Cameron has declared he is too cool to wear mama knitted items anymore!! :o(

  5. Thanks all :0)
    I do feel quite proud to have created something A and her friends actually think is cool, but then A was quite heavily involved in advising me in the design process.

  6. Wow, I've knitted for years but I couldn't make up my own design. Well done you! My daughter's too cool to wear wool, luckliy the boys aren't so picky yet!

  7. What a great make! I bet your daughter loves it!

  8. Oh wow!! I love that!! I want one I want one lol!! Have you thought about selling them on Folksy?? I love Abby too - she rocks :o) x

  9. Thanks u lot!

    I have been thinking about getting some stuff together to sell on Folksy, but need to get my act together and sort it out. Is it quite easy to use??

  10. Hiya :o) Folksy is really easy to use :o) hope you manage to sort some stuff out soon :o) x


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