Monday, 1 March 2010

Dyeing with Gorse

Hello all!
in between fighting various illnesses, Rosie & I dyed up some sock yarn with Gorse

Here it is in the pan:

& here it is all dyed up:

I am so pleased with the pretty shade! I am planning to knit up Child's Lovely Lace Socks for my girls for Easter.

For more on natural dyeing, look here & here.


  1. Hiya Lynn
    I love your yarn and your etsy shop :-) I must say i'm impressed with your photo taking skills too :-)
    I think my favourite is the purple one and I've already mentioned it to Stef for when he gets around to buying some for me from you ;-) xx d

  2. Shall have to have a go at this. I have some woad seeds somewhere. Was supposed to set them ages ago so I could eventually have a go at dyeing something with the lovely blue colour. Tereshina Roberts is supposed to be the woad queen and has a blog somewhere.

    Did someone mention an Etsy shop? Where, where? lol x

  3. awww, thanks, love, I have been struggling with the photography - it really isnt doing the yarn / fibre justice, so a huge thank you!
    If Steff buys some for you, make sure he mentions the 10% off from my blog!!!!!

    Minnie - woad - very interesting - please do let me know if you have a go!



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