Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Calling any dpns experts??

Hello all!

I've been driving myself mad trying to knit a hat my daughter wants - it starts off with 6 stitches on a set of dpns, in the first round you knit and increase every stitch, so ending up with 12 stitches. I tried about 8 times before throwing the whole lot across the room in frustration!! Admittedly I haven't used dpns before, so am maybe starting off on something too complicated, but the pattern says its simple!!!

Now, I know how to knit and increase, but am finding the four needles just too fiddly and confusing - I end up with a mess and lose track of which stitches I'm working on. If anyone out there can offer advice or useful links I would be eternally grateful :-)

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christmas Cards

I wanted to share with you the Christmas cards the girls made last week. Our December is always split as such:

Week One: Make Christmas cards
Week Two: Make Christmas gifts
Week Three: Christmas Baking
Week Four: Catch up!

I have been really enjoying Christmas in the Family

It is a wonderful resource for baking, crafts, songs & rhymes. Our Christmas cards have been made with the wonderful instructions in this book.

Elianna (just turned 8 years) has made two angel cards:

Rosie (5 years old) Has made a snowflake & Christmas tree:

Here is Rosie's inscription to her daddy : )

As you can see, my girls are quite young & (with help) they managed these simple cards & really enjoyed making them. Rosie was so proud of herself : )