Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Calling any dpns experts??

Hello all!

I've been driving myself mad trying to knit a hat my daughter wants - it starts off with 6 stitches on a set of dpns, in the first round you knit and increase every stitch, so ending up with 12 stitches. I tried about 8 times before throwing the whole lot across the room in frustration!! Admittedly I haven't used dpns before, so am maybe starting off on something too complicated, but the pattern says its simple!!!

Now, I know how to knit and increase, but am finding the four needles just too fiddly and confusing - I end up with a mess and lose track of which stitches I'm working on. If anyone out there can offer advice or useful links I would be eternally grateful :-)


  1. hello! I am a dpn fan! would it be easier for you to use 3 dpns (& knit with a 4th) rather than use 4 & knit with 5?
    Also, what type are you using? Wood or bamboo are a little 'sticky' & would be easier - plastic or metal are more slick, which can be problematic in itself. Starting with a small number of stitches on dpns *is* fiddly - experienced or not!
    here is a video that may help:


    & then of course, there is magic loop....


  2. I've yet to brave the dpns yet - I was going to try a hat first too. In my pattern browsing, I've noticed a few which would start at the headband end, and when you get to the last few, gather them together (sew the yarn through each stitch) rather than decreasing.
    Is that any help?
    Good luck :-)
    Sam x

  3. i have yet to try and it is my next project so you're in good company :)
    i've treated myself to a lovely book https://www.amazon.co.uk/Favorite-Socks-Ann-Budd/dp/1596680326/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1292970967&sr=8-6
    but haven't a clue how hard it'll be ;-) xx

  4. I posted about trying this a little while ago - I've completely caught the bug now!
    Knitting help was really useful for me


  5. by good company i meant there being a few of us , not calling myself good company btw !!! tired lol x

  6. Thankyou all - its so good to be able to come on here and pick all your marvellous knitty brains!! :-)

    I will go and investigate the links you've kindly given me, and am thinking I might start with something that has more than 6 stitches, maybe socks are the way to go!? (I remember being inspired by yours Hannah!) Or like Sam mentioned - a hat that starts at the band.
    And thanks Lynn for the tip about using wood/bamboo needles, I can see how that might be easier.
    And btw - you ARE good company Dawn!!
    Cheers all :-)
    Kara x


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