Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christmas Cards

I wanted to share with you the Christmas cards the girls made last week. Our December is always split as such:

Week One: Make Christmas cards
Week Two: Make Christmas gifts
Week Three: Christmas Baking
Week Four: Catch up!

I have been really enjoying Christmas in the Family

It is a wonderful resource for baking, crafts, songs & rhymes. Our Christmas cards have been made with the wonderful instructions in this book.

Elianna (just turned 8 years) has made two angel cards:

Rosie (5 years old) Has made a snowflake & Christmas tree:

Here is Rosie's inscription to her daddy : )

As you can see, my girls are quite young & (with help) they managed these simple cards & really enjoyed making them. Rosie was so proud of herself : )


  1. Amazing cards! I can't believe how talented they are and so young. I love all of them and i'd like to know how they were made?
    I am sure you are proud of them.
    Hugs xx

  2. The cards are beautiful :-)
    Kara x

  3. thank you ladies: )

    Pat, the girls painted with watercolours & when this was dry, I folded the picture in half. This made the basis for the card. On a small piece of card, I pricked out with a sharp needle, the patterns for the finished designs - these are shown in the book.
    The girls then sewed up the designs. Very simple, as long as you follow the directions! We then glued the sewn designs onto the main card.


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