Saturday, 28 May 2011

Home Made for Home Ed - a shiny new page! ;o)

 Hope no-one minds me posting up about this here, but as I know a few of you have your own businesses I thought you might be interested.
As home education and self employment go hand in hand for so many of us, because it is the most obvious answer to the "How do I educate my child(ren) ful-time and work full-time as well?" question,
a long time long ago in fact that I can't remember when...I set up a facebook 'group' for home educators with their own businesses. Realised shortly afterwards that actually what I should have set up was a facebook 'page' and promptly didn't get round to doing anything about changing it ;o)
But now I have, and it's over 
The plan for the page is that it is a space where home educators can share links to their businesses, promote their items and generally just be lovely and supportive of each other. 
The page is for all Home Edders businesses. 'Home Made' doesn't have to mean crafty stuff, it just means that you've found a way of making your own way in the world of work which enables you and your family to continue with home education.
So if you fit the bill, or know someone who does, or just think it's an idea worth supporting, please pop on over and 'like' the page and add a link :)

I think as well, that a brand new page deserves a brand new logo to replace this cobbled together effort... get designing, or get your kids designing, and we'll be having a competition on the page very soon to decide a winner.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Love birds?

I know Dawny does, and so that she doesn't think she's posting on her own on here, I'm bringing you my garland of lovebirds. Those who follow my blog will know I've had a bit of a thing with bunting. After I made my buttoned heart string, I took it to the next level and, well, here it is:

not just a pair, but a whole flock:

and because I love paper and glue as much as I love fabric and thread, I made a matching card:

You could use colours to match a summer wedding - teal and chocolate anyone?

Bye for now.