Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Hooded Jumper ( probably X 4!)

I finished knitting this last night, so at my knit and natter club this morning I sewed it up.
Unfortunately for me Cody and Callum have both said they would like one! I've started Callums in a darker blue wool, I know when they're done Soloman's going to say he would like one too. So you could be seeing a few of these here!


  1. how long does it take you to knit something like that Bridget? you're so fast !! I haven't made anything my kids would be happy wearing yet lol
    Love the colour and pattern of this it looks so comfy :)

  2. This looks very comfortable. I think this is lovely, must have taken a while to do.
    Hugs xx

  3. It took about a week, I've finished the back of Callums last night and started on the front, but it's chunky wool and big needles. I knit most nights from about 7pm until 10ish ( when I'm not on the computer! )

    My sons are happy to wear my knitted things but my 13 yr old daughter wouldn't be seen dead in wool! Shame because theres so many lovely things you can knit girls!

  4. I admire anyone who can knit - I'm just hopeless at it! My mum knits me lovely jumpers and it takes her about a year, bless her. She always recalls the story of starting a school jumper for my sister when she was born (she is 4 yrs older than me), and she finished it in time for when I started started school, so about 8 years later. It was red, so my daughter was able to wear it too for her school uniform.


Lovely to hear from you :)