Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tanktop Fetish

That's what seems to be happening in our house.
The boys all wanted one of these as part of their Christmas presents.

I also did these last night

The blue hat is called a Skull Beanie and it's all the rage on http://www.knittingparadise.com/

I have quite a few friends with teenage children so I thought I could do some of these in black with purple or pink skulls to make them a bit more girlie.

The white square is a pattern adapted from a dishcloth which appears to be another trend in America, to knit your own. I'm making these for the Shoebox appeal for next Christmas, my knitting group are hoping to knit them and they can go in the boxes as flannels. They're made from a cotton mixture of wool.

That's the pattern for the beanie. The pattern does it on a circular needle but I did it on two needles, so you have to figure it out a bit.

That one is for the dishclothes, I think there over one hundred different patterns on there, Christmas ones, birthday ones, all sorts, so make sure you've got some time spare before you check out the link because you could be there a while!

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  1. c blimey Bridget you're sooo speedy !!! love the tank tops , wish my kids would wear my stuff !!


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