Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas Sewing

I started cutting this quilt out for D on the evening of the 23rd and finished it this afternoon. It's 62 inches x 62.  It got harder work after I split my index finger open right on the tip.  If that hadn't happened I think it would have been finished a day ago.  It needs ironing but the iron is buried in a sea of brick dust  due to renovations along with everything else in the kitchen, utility and dining room......

The backing is a flannel sheet

Fabric arrived today for B's quilt so I will cut that out tomorrow.


  1. Ruth that is really impressive, I love it :-) xx

  2. oooh and i hope your finger is soon better !! xx

  3. Hope your finger heals soon, that sounds nasty! Love the quilt though, great fabrics! :) x

  4. Thanks. D is a big cat fan so he loves it. It's on his bed now. My stupid finger was quite a deep cut ( Iceland cheesecake tin) and it was on the tip but I'm sure it'll better soon :)


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