Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Quick and Easy Christmas

table runner ( with cats ;) )  Simple checker board hand piecing. The longest job was the hand binding cos the table is 8 foot long so it was 9 foot of runner to bind.  I was going to make matching place mats but have run out of the robin fabric and it won't get here in time to make 10 place mats.

The backing


  1. awww Ruth that's lovely both sides! the cats are lovely too :-)
    Gosh lot of people around your taable for Christmas - 10 wow

  2. Thanks. That 2 of our 8. The youngest is the black one Daisy and she is 6 months old. The mackerel one is Mr Tibbs and was left to starve in a shed but Sarah rescued him by cutting a hole in the door. He had a choke chain on :( They all gravitate to the quilting lol Yep 10 people live here now since Steven moved in.

  3. Gorgeous table runner and long!
    You have a huge table and lovely cats. ( i love cats)
    Have a great day.
    Hugs xx

  4. The cats have obviously given it their approval! I can't believe what some people do to animals, well I can when I see what they do to each other!

  5. Ah lovely work.

    I crocheted a blanket for grandchild of mine but couldn't get it done in time for Crimble...all the darning together stuff...takes forever. Arthriticky hands and pooped eyesight don't help!! But. she didn't long as I was there today. So..aiming to get it done for the birthday.

    You are just such a kindperson. I love all my 11 puddy cats...and the dog:o) Am thinking of taking in some guinea pigs and rabbits. (We have a lean-to, so they will be warm.)

    People do my head in......cruel.... how do you get time for the quilting? Might have found an 'outlet' for my stuff. Woo hoo!!!

    Merry Crimble. Peace to all. xx


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