Saturday, 11 February 2012

Fingerless gloves

I knitted these and Callum sewed them up for me.
They're for the Fishermens Mission. I think they wear them under their big waterproof gloves for extra warmth.


  1. Those are really nice :)

  2. really nice Bridget :-)

  3. They're great. I wish I could knit gloves. D has been asking for a pair of fingerless ones.

  4. They're really nice. Do you have a pattern for them?

  5. Hi ladies, I've been trying to comment on posts for about two weeks now, my computer has had a mini meltdown!
    Minnie ---- I will post a pattern for them over the next couple of days.
    Ruth ---If you email me with what colour D would like and your address I'll knit a pair for you. It would be a pleasure!


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