Thursday, 23 February 2012

oops I crocheted the boy!

 ...well his feet anyway ;o)

*the socks are from this pattern on ravelry, but I used a bigger hook so these are a bit chunkier and more like slipper socks than sock socks


  1. they're fantastic :-) is that a knitted rib around the top? xx

  2. Oh wow, these are fantastic, they look very cosy
    Lindsay xx

  3. Thanks :)
    Dawny the rib is crocheted as well and it was very easy to do(I've never managed to master knitted rib) It's from the snow day socks pattern on ravelry - I'll find it and add it into the post for you x

  4. These are lovely. Am going to have a go. xx

  5. I love your stripy socks, my teenage daughter wants a bright colored pear in coral and peach just like the mat you have in your photo's, her favourite colors.
    I've just crocheted a purple and orange psychadelic ipad cover pouch for my hubby and now my mom wants a cover for her new Tracfone LG800G smart prepaid phone that she's been raving about, it only cost her $50 but the phone has a large touch screen and she's worried it will scratch or the glass will get shattered. I must actually look into this Tracfone phone plan she's using as it only cost her $7/month for service. I can't believe the prices of cute phone pouches, of course the more bling they are the better, that's the fashion, but for me to make one only costs me the price of a ball of wool, I can't believe how economical it is to crochet.

  6. My boys want some slipper socks, you've inspired me!


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