Thursday, 3 May 2012

Save My Socks - A Plea for Help

My daughter is a sockaholic!   Keeps nicking mine.  lol   I don't mind because my arthritic feet can't cope with some of the snug fits that you get with bought ones.  Makes my ankles swell and then I have to lie down with feet on cushion..which drives me mad when I have things to do/places to go!  lol.

So, I've decided that I am going to started knitting some and wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction of EASY sock patterns?   Easy patterns required for a) brain and b) arthriticky hands.   I would be very much obliged...and so would my feet:o) xx.

My pc is too slow in the search department.  So slow that it times out! 

PS.  What yarn do you use/not use?   I've got tons of mohair wool.  Don't suppose you can use that?     How long does it normally take to knit a pair?   Anyone know?   My tootsies are waiting in earnest:o)



  1. Hiya Min :-)
    I use this pattern it is really easy to follow and if you use larger needles it will size them up to be roomy. Email me if you have any questions xxx
    ooh and you can use any wool - experiment to see what you like , 4 ply or sock wool will make them smaller then double knit would xxx d

  2. Go to you have to join but it's free. Type in "socks" in the pattern section and you'll come up with loads. Mone were made from this pattern King Cole No 3459. My bedsocks were from this pattern but shortened.Well worth the £2 cost of the pattern. It's all in double knit and on two needles, I've just used spare wool I've got not sock wool as such! I would knit with anything just use the smaller size with thicker wool and adjust the foot length. Best of luck, let us see the pictures when they're done.

  3. Thank you. Am going to have a go today. Feet can't wait. lol xx


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