Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Cushion Covers

cushion covers:-
Christmas one ( yes I know it's only June lol) Another one is a wip.

One for our room.  5 more smaller ones are ready but I have no inners yet.

These are for Sarah

One for the front room.  Another similar is wip.

Another for the front room
Two more

and another one!

So that's been my busy work for the last few weeks. I just have one more quilt to make for the front room to cover a chair we have in there and it's done. I have nearly finished a wall hanging for our bedroom and am starting one for the front room at some point soon. WIP is some cushion covers, a quilt for S and S, a quilt for Katie, a quilt for D and a throw for K bedroom to put over a chest she has in there. It's been awful weather so I will keep going until it gets hot- if it ever does. 


  1. Ruth you've been so busy and they're beautiful! I especially like the ones for Sarah :o) but they're all lovely.

  2. ruth those are lovley. :)

  3. Where DO you get your energy from? Bag it and send it here, please. lol

    They're lovely. Where do I find a pattern for these? xxse

  4. Thanks. I made it up Minnie.

  5. I'm not keen on all the rain but you don't half get things done when it's wet!

  6. sorry, should have added that they're all lovely! I wish I could sew! Sigh!


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