Sunday, 15 July 2012


Our latest project is spinning. We were given a fleece and Callum and Clark brushed it out.
I had every window open and my scented candles burning as it smells rather like wet dog, which is an aquired taste!

  I have a friend who spins and in turn for me teaching her to crochet she's teaching Clark to spin.
I wanted the boys to see the process through from the start and realise that you have to go through a set of actions to get coloured , wound wool and to realise how much work goes into a ball of wool that you buy off the shelf.
Tomorrow Clark is twisting the two bobbins of wool together, as with knitting, the basics can be taught but the main ingredient is practice. That's what gets your tension even.
After that Clark has to soak the wool overnight in water and vinegar, which helps the dye to take and also kills the wool and any nasties still in it!
So he still has quite a bit to do but never fear we will post more pictues as we do them.