Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Hope everyone is well and good..  xx
Have been crocheting handbags.  This is one of the granny square ones that I designed.  Takes an age to sew them all together....the squares, I mean.    lol.  Am going to line it with funky material and will use big pink or teal buttons for the closure bit.   I've crocheted some loops at the bottom of the flap for this.   I think that crocheted bags need lining - stops bits and bobs dropping out.     The strap is lines of double crochet.   I can't be bothered with the multi coloured granny squares. that seem to be in vogue at the mo.  ...too much like hard work weaving in all the ends and not cost effective, therefore, if you're trying to sell them because of the time it takes up.   I like block colours like this.  Good job, eh?  lol     What do you think?  Do you think there is any demand for this sort of stuff?

The bag is hanging in front of a plain old beech wardrobe door that I wallpapered with some toile de something wallpaper (French theme stuff)  that I got for a quid a roll at B & Q.   I did the other door, too..  lol    I've got some plain drawers that I'm going to paint and paper to match.    I've got another bag to show, but can't upload it for some reason.  bugger! 


  1. Love your bag Minnie :-) it looks very usuable and i love the colours xx

  2. Knitted and crocheted bags are all the rage at the moment. We're knitting quite a few little girl ones for the Shoebox Appeal to go in the boxes. Yours looks lovely. It's amazing what you can do with a few squares and a bit of imagination! Lovely!


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