Saturday, 29 September 2012

Finished baby blanket

Baby blanket is now finished and waiting for baby to arrive :-)
The squares I used are : start with a magic loop or with a chain loop
first round - 12 trebles (12 double crochet american)
second round - 2 trebles into the top of each treble in first round
third round - 3 trebles into each space in second round
fourth round- start with 3 trebles into each of two spaces to reach the corner , to make the corner then do 2 double trebles and a triple treble, chain 2, triple treble and two double trebles to complete the corner. Repeat on each side to make a square.

probably as clear as mud as I'm not used to writing patterns down i adapted it from the hexagons on attic 24 - the first three rounds are the same and I have just put a square around the circle. I'm happy to help if anyone can't follow it,
the reverse or inside of the blanket is just rows of trebles started around the posts of the front side, crochet until it was the same size as the blanket and stitched into place; the double thickness is really snuggly.


  1. It's beautiful. I hope everything goes well with the birth. Please let us know when it all happens. Just waiting now then !!

  2. yes, it's for my friend she's due in November :-) can't wait , i'm so broody lol xx

  3. It's really lovely. :)

  4. Dawny thats really lovley :) love the colours too :)


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