Thursday, 20 December 2012

reborn doll

I've not posted for a while because I have been busily making this reborn doll, i can't get the photo to do her justice, as she is a lot more detailed than she looks here and weighs and feels like a real baby. I've knitted another neck down cardigan, for her this time. I've used layers of real effects air dry paints to paint her, she's made from a Sofia doll kit and has dark brown mohair for her hair. The mohair fleece is from Areeba who lives on Newmoor Barn farm in Devon.


  1. Very pretty. I want one, lots of cuddling but no crying and pooping! Perfect!! How long did she take you to make?

    1. Hiya Bridget :) she took me ages to make mainly because I've had to save up the money to buy the paints and the doll kit and the weighting stuff for inside her. In actual working time I'd say I could have made her in a couple of weeks; it's been a steep learning curve though lol I had to take her back to vinyl removing all the paint with acetone a couple of times.

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