Sunday, 24 March 2013

Knitting Handover

Last year I posted pictures of this handover and somehow another year has passed! So here are some pictures of this years,

Unfortunately this year Samaritans Purse can't take jumpers and blankets as they will be charged a tax on them to take them across certain borders and as they only told us last week lots of jumpers and blankets were brought into the handover, I have about 200 jumpers in bim liners in my bedroom and the moment and 30 ish blankets!
Every year we get more knitters on board and every year the table gets more and more laden! It just shows that  many hands do make light work!


  1. wow I've only just seen this Bridget - amazing isn't it xx

  2. Hiya, I didn't think anyone was reading this blog anymore! Lol

  3. I'm still hanging in there lol not seen Ruth post for ages with her quilting just me and you I think ;-) xx


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